为了应对COVID-19大流行, and being deemed “essential business” by the governor of the state of Florida, 我们想向你保证, 我们的忠诚客户, 迈阿密专业搬家公司, and always will,把我们团队和客户的安全放在首位. We are committed to following all best practices and guidelines for sanitation and for cleanliness, and are taking all of the necessary precautions as we proceed to service your move. To that end, extensive measures are being taken wherever possible to combat the spread of this virus, while still being safe and efficient as we continue to provide you with the first-class, 五星级的搬家体验,您来期待我们. Here are some of the proactive measures we’ve implemented and will continue to implement:

  • 所有的估价都是通过电话提供的, virtually, 在线或电子邮件,直至另行通知.
  • 搬家前对我们的客户和机组人员进行健康检查, where all will be asked to advise us if you feel ill or suspect exposure to the virus. 对我们的搬家工人来说,他们必须呆在家里, 对于我们的客户, 移动服务可以重新安排, 推迟或取消以减轻风险, 有必要吗.
  • 我们的船员配备了手套, disinfectant sprays/wipes and hand sanitizer for your protection and theirs.
  • 实施保持社会距离措施, and although we have always valued the professionalism and respect that comes along with a good introductory handshake and a departing thank you, we ask for your understanding that for the safety and well-being of everyone, 不会有任何形式的握手或接触.
  • Upon arrival, 我们的工作人员还是会自我介绍, 在家里走动时保持适当的社交距离, 开始用所有的安全措施来保护家,比如地板踏板, 还有门卡住(他们总是这样), 但另外,我们现在(恕我直言), to please give them the appropriate space they need to safely and efficiently service your move and allow them space to do their job.
  • 在适当的情况下, 打开门窗,增加空气流通和通风.
  • 我们还采取措施对卡车的驾驶室和箱子进行消毒, 还有所有的毯子, pads, tools and equipment after each and every move to reduce any risk of cross-contamination.
  • It is our hope and our expectation that you will take the same precautionary measures that we are taking, and that will also sanitize and wipe down any and all exposed surfaces and furniture prior to our arrival. Anything that you can do to help keep our working conditions safe and sanitary for our men, 同样是欣赏.
  • Owners / office staff will be working around the clock from home with complete access for our team and our customers via phone, email and text.

Again, thank you for choosing Pro Movers Miami, it is our sincere pleasure to serve you. Our Promise to you, 无论在什么情况下, is to continue to deliver the 5 stars moving service that our customers depend on. 你需要直接皇冠体育app吗, please feel free, 文字总是最快的, 我们每天24小时都在为你服务.


Commercial Moving

商业搬家可不是一件容易的事. This is why our moving company specializes in commercial moves, both local and long distance ones. If you need to relocate your company, our commercial movers will be there to help. Pro Movers Miami is a licensed moving company that can make your business relocation go smoothly and without stress. 我们提供多种搬家服务,包括搬家计划, packing, transportation, 和存储解决方案.

If you are in a search for a trustworthy moving company, you just found one. With our experience and adjustable moving services, your relocation can be a breeze. 我们的目标是为您的预算提供最好的价值. 如果你告诉我们更多关于你搬家的情况, 我们保证为您的搬家找到最好的解决方案. Keep reading in order to see how our commercial movers Miami handle business relocation step by step.

移动你的业务? We can help!

搬家是一项复杂的任务. 开设一个新的办公空间的所有物流, 你最不应该担心的是你随身物品的安全. For this reason, our commercial mover Miami offer reliable business moving services. 在我们的帮助下,你的行动不会成为压力.

office space
在Pro Movers Miami,你的行李安全是第一位的. Our commercial movers Miami have the skills and the experience to handle any type of commercial moves.

With 10 years of experience behind us, we learned that every relocation is a different story. Before engaging in the moving process, we always make sure to listen to all the details. After you let us know your needs, we will start planning your relocation one step at a time. 在Pro Movers Miami,你的行李安全是第一位的. In order to perform a safe commercial move, there are a few simple steps we need to take.

First of all, we will estimate your inventory and suggest the best solution for your move. Within one day, you will know the estimated price of your move so you can plan your moving budget on time. Our commercial movers Miami have the skills and the experience to handle any type of commercial moves. Whether you are moving a local business or a corporate company, we are here to help. Pro Movers迈阿密提供可靠 迈阿密移动服务 while covering the area from North Miami to Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know more details of your upcoming move.


和我们的商业搬家公司迈阿密 you can forget about delays, hidden fees, and moving scams. 在迈阿密专业搬家公司, we hire only the best moving specialists who are trained to do their job professionally. 我们知道你搬家的情况和别人不一样. 这就是为什么我们要确保我们的搬家服务是灵活的. If you have some additional requests or specific needs, we are here to listen.

Let us know how big your inventory is and what’s the distance of your move. 我们会保护所有电子设备和其他库存.

If you still haven’t found the right moving company for your business relocation, 你来对地方了. 让我们来看看雇佣我们的商业搬家公司迈阿密的好处:

  • 你搬家的日子是我们担心的. Whether you don’t have a time frame or you’re moving last minute, we are here to help. 我们的商业搬家公司迈阿密也提供紧急搬迁服务.
  • 我们的商业搬家服务非常灵活. Let us know how big your inventory is and what’s the distance of your move. 你可以把所有的计划交给我们来做.
  • 移动的机密文件? 他们和我们在一起很安全. With our 迈阿密包装服务, you can be sure you that everything will be packed and transported in the most professional manner.
  • 我们特别小心易碎的家具、艺术品和电子设备. 你不必担心打包所有的电脑. 我们知道如何安全运送他们.
  • 负担得起的移动引号. 每个搬家的日子都不一样. Depending on the time frame for your move and the distance of the relocation, 我们将为您的搬家预算提出最好的解决方案.


在新地点开设办事处可能需要几天,甚至几周的时间. In case you have some moving boxes that you need to store, we have the solution. 我们的商业搬家公司提供各种存储单元,为您提供方便. 无论是短期的还是长期的, 我们会帮你找到一个你满意的仓库.

Our storage facility is climate controlled and has different sizes of units you can choose from. All you have to do is tell us your wishes and we will make sure to find one of the 在佛罗里达的存储解决方案. 有了我们的单位,贵公司的库存将是安全可靠的.


一个好的搬家公司是把你的需求放在第一位的. 有迈阿密专业搬家公司这样的授权公司, 你可以确保放松搬家的一天,避免不必要的压力. 有10年的搬家业务经验, 我们学会了如何处理最复杂的商业行动.

Our moving professionals can help you organize your business relocation without stress and save your valuable time.

我们让我们的客户以我们的名义赞扬我们,以及我们的评论. 和我们的商业搬家公司迈阿密 your inventory will be taken care of by professional and licensed professionals. 你是否需要搬家, locally, 长途还是州际, 你可以指望我们的帮助. 迈阿密专业搬家公司, you can organize your business relocation without stress and save your valuable time.


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